Month: July 2017

The Courage to Quit: Overcoming Fear in Career Change

The Courage to Quit: Overcoming Fear in Career Change

One of the elements of my Master’s Degree program that caused me to lose sleep was the requirement of a research class. Not only that, it also had a specific grade requirement in order to continue in the program.  If I failed this class, the future did not look so bright.  I was enrolled in the creative program, after all, so I didn’t see the need for research class in the first place. To compound matters, it was happening during a particularly chaotic time in my life – death of a loved one, a cross-country move, and a new job in a new city.

I believe we can have moments of breakthrough in just about any situation.  Whenever I find myself in a situation where I’m struggling, I look for the opportunity or the lesson that I’m missing.  What I found most in this class was the power of stories.  What we don’t learn from our own experiences, we learn through the shared experiences of our fellow humans. While I put a lot of time and energy into this article, the real lesson for me was in the process, as it often is.

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