“There is a Zen story about a man riding a horse that is galloping very quickly. Another man, standing alongside the road, yells at him, “Where are you going?” and the man on the horse yells back, ‘I don’t know. Ask the horse.’ I think that is our situation. We are riding many horses that we cannot control.”

― Thich Nhat Hanh, Being Peace

This is my place to share writings of all kinds. You may find musings on life, technology, career, motivation, or whatever else happens to capture my attention. I am a graduate student pursuing a Masters Degree through the University of Denver in Professional Creative Writing. To further my goal of helping others, I am also studying at Robbins-Madanes Training.

I generally have several writing projects going at any given time. Most writings you will find in the blog area are less formal in nature and are focused on topics of any variety. You also may see some fiction from time to time, and will attempt to tag them appropriately. Some of my works may be available only on my mailing list, so add your contact information below.

I believe in the power of stories, both stories that we read and the stories that we tell ourselves about our world. Stories have the ability to uplift and liberate, and also the power to limit and destroy. My goal is to find and tell stories that empower us in our journey.

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